A New Plan

Hi All!

Wishing you a wet and annoying Typhoon Signal 8 from the Track and field venue. The team went out this morning and made it all safe and got very wet!

We do apologize as we know many came very far to join the event. Sadly when the Hong Kong Observatory calls Signal 8 everything in Hong Kong stops… and although we wish we could stop the wind in a T8, all of our insurance is cancelled…

However, we have rescheduled and are ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Everything remains the same only one day later.

Track and Field – Monday 24 July 10:00am 6:00pm
Kwok Yat Wai College Tin Shui Wai
Buses will depart BP Hotel at 9:00am.

The venue has showers and changing rooms available
A light lunch (pizza) and light refreshments will be available. It is suggested to bring snacks or a favourite food.

There are water fountains, so it’s a good idea to bring your own water bottle.  Some soft drinks are also available.

Please note that at the end of the sports events, we will transfer directly to the Awards Ceremony Dinner – so bring a change of clothes and a towel.

Track and field events are open for all categories are:
Team Games (no age or wheel restriction)     
“Obstacle Relay Race – 5 people per team” – each country should put together one team
Basketball non-competitive

Individual games
No wheel restrictions, categories are age based: under 13/13-20/21-35/36 up (Male/ Female may be added at discretion of judges)
Long Jump
High Jump

All races have two wheel size categories:
20” and under
over 20” (but under 29”)

Slow Race
30m Dash
30m Backwards
30m Wheel walk
30m One-foot
150m Race

Qualifiers happen in the morning with finals in the afternoon. Final schedule to be posted on the website later today.

Awards Dinner Monday 24 July 6:30pm-9:30pm
The awards dinner will be at a BBQ venue near Kwok Yat Wai. A bus will be available to take participant or for those that like a ride will be led by HK team.
The BBQ offers lots of meat (all you can eat) with one water and one soft drink included. Beer is available for purchase. Please let us know if you are vegetarian.
Bus will head back to BP at 9:30

Muni Tuesday 25 July 10:00am – 9:30pm
Buses to Aberdeen Pier will depart BP at 10:00am please pack a lunch picnic and plenty of water as there are no (very few) shops near the venue.
We will do a leisurely ride through the village to the off road trail. First we will walk the trail then have 3 races
Under 18
41 and up

Starts will be staggered (timed) with best riders going first.
Knee pads and gloves are mandatory, helmets are highly recommended (let us know if you need to borrow one).
About 5:30 we will ride down to Yung Shue Wan for a seafood dinner then catch the 8:30 ferry back to central and buses to the hotel.

We are delighted that you have been able to come to Hong Kong and we hope you are having a fantastic time!
Any questions feel free to contact Rob robert@apuc.asia

Emergency contacts during the event in Hong Kong
Robert (event manager) +852 9283 3757
Bridger (transportation) +852 5519 2347
Martin (cuz he knows everybody) + 852 9203 1505

To our Muni riders and non-participants that can’t make the muni or the BBQ ..

We are very sad about having to postpone the muni and BBQ.. Alas we cannot stop the wind and in a T8 all our insurance is cancelled… We do have some expenses that are non-recoverable and are currently working out how to manage refunds. Please contact robert@apuc.asia or watch for announcements.